Happy New Year!  Today is day one of my 365 Day Creativity challenge.  I shall post something creative every day for one year.

I thought a self -portrait was a great way to start.  To me, portraits are a super challenge. Especially with the medium of watercolor, if the paint swirls, pools, or dries in an unexpected way you can lose the likeness of your subject.  I did my best, but I now fully understand why oil and acrylic would allow for more accuracy!

My inspiration came from a sterling silver spoon my grandmother gave me. I love this spoon.  It is loaded with good luck symbols. It is a very special gift to me.   What better way to start off the new year than to send myself a little wish for good luck and good fortune! A wishbone,a horseshoe, a 4 leaf clover and a purple heart for bravery. Such sweet sentiments.

#1 (2)

Another inspiration came from my great love of ancient mosaics and religious icons. I love the stories and symbols embedded in their portraits.  My story begins and ends with color as well as  a great love of art, nature and gardening.


    1. Thank you! Still trying to balance setting up computer stuff with actually doing art! Oh and one more day until my kids go back to school! I think this blogging is going to be awesome. I didn’t even think about the benefit of connecting with other artists. Already looking at your blog I realize I know nothing about those shellac based inks….ut oh…something else to try?…one more thing to pull me in another direction! Any other artists you’d recommend following?

  1. Good for you! I’m starting year two of a haiku and art a day. It’s been one of the most rewarding projects. Now can’t imagine not doing it. Even if you only have 10 minutes in a day, if you shift your mind to be creative it’s most healing! Good luck! and thanks for coming by the Art Prescription!

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