#2 It’s All About The Bidness (card)

FINAL Business card ideas

So Day two is a business card I will be printing up to hand out to friends and fam as well as leave around town.  I started off with a pretty conventional “artsy” card, but Ho Hum so what?  I then super imposed this funny photo of myself taken on the beach as a gag with friends and thought to myself “Well at least this makes the business card a little more amusing.”


On second thought, it was amusing but still the photo is a little abrasive and I just can’t stand those chicken arms!   I asked hubby to take some shots which were a little more in context and at least had sleeves! So I will leave it to you, my trusted friends and audience. Which would you pick up scattered on a table at a coffee shop? I personally like the middle one!

Well that is it for today. I still have the kiddos home on their final day of Christmas vacation. This means tomorrow I have from 9-3 pm to myself and guess what? I will be painting!

Ta Ta for now!  Mary


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  1. I’d say #1 is my favorite pic of you but it is too goofy for a business card though and doesn’t really relate to the art behind it. #3 just seems like an awkward pose and almost as if your arm was photoshopped in separately. So that leaves me with #2 as my choice which has you showing off your art least-awkwardly.

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