#3 The Fiscal Cliff

#3 The Fiscal Cliff

I just couldn’t resist the visual stimulation from the buzz word “fiscal Cliff”.
So there’s this big cliff right? I personally envision the beautiful cliffs off of Block Island, RI. Then there’s something falling off the cliff right? Is it money? W2 Tax forms? Dreams? Hopes? What?

For me it is faith. Faith in our political system and to me, it has fallen off the cliff. Hey, my peeps in DC, if you can hear me, it’s hard to tell my two kids to get along when all they see in the world are humans behaving badly!

So then I’m wondering, when whatever it is that falls off the fiscal cliff falls, what does it fall into? This made me conjure up a tumultuous sea filled with damnation of course. I also thought of red and blue the symbolic colors of our political parties. Maybe even evil fangs and talons for good measure. They are so busy fighting and reacting that they never even seem to look up.

And when they look up. Do they see that little house on the cliff?  That house represents me and my family and my picket fence which is falling off the cliff.

Then for a minute, I got distracted and thought boy it sure would be nice to have a little house on the top of a cliff in Block Island….Oh, wait where was I….Oh yeah, the fiscal cliff.

Personally, I don’t really care about the “Fiscal Cliff”. If the country fell off -us little ants would keep on marching. It’s what we do. What I do care about is when we send a representative to congress. I don’t want them to vote with my party’s affiliations. I want them to take every separate bill and examine it closely and vote on it based on what is the right thing for their constituents, humanity and the planet as a whole. That would demonstrate integrity.

Wait, wait, wait, sorry. Maybe I thought the fiscal cliff was a big soap box. You’ll have to pardon me while I step down from it!

Chuckle. See you tommorrow. Mary

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  1. Deep Mare, very deep…but colorful, like you! It’s fun knowing what’s going on inside that head of yours! By the way, which business card won yesterdays vote?

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