#4 Owen’s Pomegranate

_Owens Pomegranite

My son has a friend at school who has pomegranates in his lunchbox all the time. A couple of days ago, while at the supermarket, Owen begged me for one for his lunchbox too. They are super healthy so of course I said yes, but I have a confession to make. I haven’t put it in his lunchbox.  For 3 days every morning he’s asked me to put it in his lunchbox and his wicked mom-artist has told him no.

You see in my head, I knew I had this beautiful piece of fabric down stairs that would look awesome in a painting of a pomegranate. I just hadn’t gotten around to pulling it together yet. So sorry Owen. Mom’s almost done with your pomegranate….but I am considering photographing the fruit opened and cut in halves…..oooo this could be another pretty still life .  Sorry buddy!


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    1. After all that. I cut it up last night and he barely touched it! He will be getting pomegranates in his lunch box for the rest of the week though. I did take some photos of it cut in half, but it wasn’t very pretty. Is there a special way to cut open a pomegranate? I rinsed my kale but didn’t get to make some chips today…will try tomorrow. Also couldn’t find your card when I went to post for pottery. Duh. It was in my back pocket! I will write a little bit about you next week :) Thanks for checking in! -Mary

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