Egyptian Jewelry pieces

I hope you are thinking of the Bangles song because that’s what I had in mind!

I started taking pottery classes about two months ago and I sneak a little clay home with me to create pendants at night.

Later on I bring them back, under glaze them, they get fired, glaze them, they get fired again and then I can take them home and bead them.  Quite a bit of time transpires between designing and the final product.

Why did I choose an Egyptian motif?  Good question. Beats me. I own a textured Egyptian alphabet mold and I am drawn to them for their graphic nature.  Especially the Eye of Horus symbol in the top center.

These were pretty much an experiment to understand the mechanics of ceramic clay jewelry.  I will most likely never make these again for two reasons. First, I prefer to only create work of my own designs. An Egyptian mold seems too much like cheating or stealing an image, even if the artist is long gone. Second, I am truly attracted to the very bright and colorful.  This has been my ongoing dilemma with pottery glazes.  The pottery studio I use gravitates towards food safe organic glazes.  The colors are pretty much earthy not bold.  I respect this ideology though -organic and food safe.  Plus it gives me a challenge.  I like challenges.  I have many original designs and jewelry sketches on paper that I plan on implementing in the upcoming weeks.  I am going to attempt to create boldness in my pottery pieces by creating unusual color combinations.  The colors may be earthy but they will not be used traditionally!

My pottery teacher tells me there are people in this world that appreciate subdued earthy color combinations.  I can’t believe it. Really?  No hot pink, red, orange and chartreuse? I don’t think I’m ready to accept this theory !

I begin a new session of pottery on Tuesday and plan on documenting my progress.

Come on do a little “Walk Like an Egyptian” for me. I dare you!

Thanks. Mary


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