#8 -Mary vs. Pottery Wheel. Pottery Wheel wins.

Clay GuysHi  Everybody. today was my first day back to pottery after the holidays. I love pottery class!

Above are some clay people I created in my previous class.  I am still not exactly sure why but they took months. Between throwing, building the hats and bodies, under glazing, and glazing I really didn’t create much else. Either way, I felt like I missed out on throwing  pottery on the wheel for weeks. So with the new year, came my resolution -to get going!

For this new session, I want to create as many bowls and mugs as I can so that I can become better on the pottery wheel.

#8-My Big Bowls

So today was day one and I was not fooling around.  I was down to business!

My first mission was to create the perfect pasta/soup bowl.  For my own specifications, the perfect bowl is large, deep and has a lip to hold my spoon and bread.

I must say, making pottery is so darn hard!

 It is not as easy as I thought it would be.  I find it incredibly difficult to push that blob of clay into the middle to center it.  Rhea tells us it takes about 200 throws on the wheel to really be able to have control over the medium.  Let’s just say I need another 250 throws under my belt!

I am happy with the bowls I made though. They are going to be awesome to eat out of. However, you can tell I’m a novice because each bowl is a different shape.  I couldn’t make them all the same size if I tried!  Hmm, this will pose a challenge for stacking.  Better go make some room.

Since there are so many steps to pottery, I can not document a finished piece each day I attend class.  So, I will share with you every step I take and together we will see the finished products evolve.

Again, Thanks for joining me on my daily journey! -Mary

PS. Check out the bottom left photo.  Did you catch the floor?  I made such a mess!  Oh the walls, the floors and my face!


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  1. awesome and quite in depth for daily projects… I am inspired. I especially like your self portrait. Thanks for sharing!

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