#9 -The Bird Feeder

#9 -The Bird FeederWell, I’m a little late. Sorry about that!  This painting is a little bit larger than I could take on in the allotted time. But it was worth it. This painting is a lot of fun.

I picked a theme of birds because they are one of my favorite things.  My hubby surprised me with a deluxe 6 chamber bird feeder last year for Christmas and it has brought me nothing but joy. From center clockwise there is a robin, chickadee, hummingbird, yellow finch, female red-bellied woodpecker, cardinal, oriole, and blue jay.  There is a nest as a hat and a robin egg as a pendant.

I also added an apple falling from a tree.  This is an homage to my family.  there are so many truly creative people in my family. I would be blessed and honored to fall from their tree!

I also experimented with pure pigments for the skin. Believe it or not. the skin is made from mingling, cadmium yellow, cadmium orange, and purple.  I went with this color scheme because I wanted the foreground to be warm and bright and the background to recede  using cool blues and greens.

Overall, I think it’s a fun piece and I will enjoy looking at the birds at my feeder and on my wall!

Thank you for viewing my blog -Mary


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    1. Thank you for being my cheerleader. I thought I was going to loose it today when I looked at the clock and realized I had 10 minutes to pick up my kids and still about 2 hours of painting to do! Got it done, but it was a close one!

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