#10 -Ode to The Orange

#10 -Ode to The Orange

Well for any one who knows me, they can tell you.  I consider “orange” one of the major food groups!  I can’t resist Doritos.  They are like a drug.  It must be the MSG or something!  I’ve been hooked since I was 4 years old.

Needless to say, I started this painting at 9 am and let’s just say my fingers were orange by 9:15.  In my defense, I had to open the bag to crinkle it for interest. Then I had to lay a few out to create a composition.  The rest is history… By 10 am I wasn’t feeling very well and my tongue was swollen.  Hee Hee hee.

From a technical standpoint.  This painting could have used some more time.  I definitely should have darkened some shadows and added more detail, but that is what is great about a painting every day. At some point you have to put the brush down and move on.  Lessons learned….start again tomorrow!

Off to get the kids. I better wash the orange off my fingers before they ask me what I was doing today ;)

Bye. Bye!


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