#11 -Better Late than Never!

#11- Better Late than never!Man I am always late on thank yous!

My darling little cherubs do not like arts and crafts (I know I know…drive a stake in my heart!).  So every year I  create something fun for them to fill out.  I also never got into sending  the family photo card that everyone sends out during the holidays because I’ve always been selling my wares beginning the day after Thanksgiving and from that day on am pretty much stressed out throughout the season.

A family photo/Thank you card kills a whole lotta birds with one stone!

But what happened?  I looked in my files today and there were barely any pictures to choose from?  Us parents dropped the ball and there were very slim pickings. I am attaching last years card because the photos were just so awesome.  Meme bought all the grand kids elf jammies and every time I look at these pictures I still giggle.

Xmas thankyou2011

I feel like nothing will hold a candle to last year. Plus the older the kids get, the cooler they get and don’t whoop it up for the camera as much.

Our favorite photo of this holiday season was definitely dad dressed up as Santa. He is almost 40 and had never done so.  I definitely see job potential in those retirement years! We also hosted a Christmas breakfast filled with kids and this was my favorite photo of the season.

I keep all of these thank yous in a file and each year I look back at the past memories and tear up just like Chevy Chase in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – minus the turban, fur coat and freezing attic (I just love that scene!).

So another year ripped off the calendar. It was a very good year, but I am feeling like 2013 is going to be great!

Have a terrific weekend! -Thanks. Mary


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