#14- The Beach Comber

This is where I live. The beautiful coast of Rhode Island!

As a collector of many things the beach is my treasure trove. Of course I have a sea glass collection, a driftwood collection and I also have a striped rock collection. My husband spends hours stacking rocks into towers and the sea gull is there as a reminder of my grandfather who loved watching the seagulls and photographing them. They are such funny creatures.

I added the Narragansett towers because they are such a big landmark for these parts and I spent some time thinking about the clothing. I chose a fisherman knit hat and scarf because their roots are nautical, very Irish which is my heritage and very New England as well. I also added a navy pea coat with the classic toggle button because this too reminds me of my home.

It was a very grey day here in Rhode Island and it rubbed off on my painting. I didn’t realize it until I viewed it from the computer. Cold, grey, wintery days are the best days for beach combing. The tourists are long gone, most locals are bundled up in their homes, and if you are brave enough to face the winds you can have the whole beach to yourself. Absolutely awesome.

My daughter has taken a liking to beach combing. We have a secret beach where we go to look for sea glass. We hunt and hunt and then dump all our treasures on the table to see who has the largest and smoothest piece. Ahhhh, the bragging rights until we go again…

I feel like one of the luckiest people in the world living by the sea!


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