I titled this post pottery monsters because the images I have for you today are ridiculous. Are you wondering what the second photo is?  Space alien? Really ugly mug handle?  Close….it’s a giraffe handle that will be attached to the vessel to create a mug for my daughter. Rhea at Plum Pottery Studios assures me I can carve a better looking giraffe next week after it firms up a bit and I trim the cylinder into a more finished shape.  I thought to myself  “Great! I get to blog  photos of a mug I am creating that I’m pretty sure look like my kindergartner could have done better!” I promise it will look better next week…stay tuned!

The top photo is a mug for my husband that will have a fish handle. I am creating a special mug for each family member. So next week I will create a skeleton mug for my son and a flower garden motif  for myself.

For the rest of my pottery session I trimmed the bowls from last week.  They will get fired this week and hopefully I can glaze them next week. I also applied the finishing touches to the jewelry pieces from last week. Last week the jewelry pieces were colorful.  These are the same pieces except now they have clear glaze on top of them which before firing look like I dusted them with chalk.  Am I boring you yet?

Overall, I’d imagine these photos do not  have much “WOW” factor. Sorry for all of you who crave instant satisfaction!  Instead you will have to wait with me, step by step, as I go through the pottery process. And then one day, before you know it,  the finished pieces will come out of the kiln.

Oh Yes….so exciting my knees are knocking! YES! YES! YES!

I know, I know, you wish I could spare you…but I do thank you for keeping me company:)


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  1. It may be 2 weeks to get those bowls out for bisque… have to be completely air-dried before firing. Just want your viewers to know they may have to wait another week! Great work, Mary!

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