#16 -Holey Moley Sunset

#16 -Holey Moley Sunset

OK. Confessional:

I am terrified of abstract painting.

 It sounds silly, but I have this strange belief like only certain artists are allowed to paint abstract or minimalist paintings.  I’m not exactly sure how the universe deems these artists to be, but somewhere I got it in my head, that I am not one of these people.

Obviously this is a completely irrational thought. I can’t even believe I admitted this on the world-wide web. So what do you do when you have an irrational fear?  Well, you dive right in and conquer it!  I’ve been on the side lines for way too long to listen to the inner blubbering of my head!

I feel very vulnerable today.  Being a first-born-perfectionist, I like to at least attempt to master things before I put them out there for the world.  Maybe if I created 10 abstracts I could then choose one to post?   …Nope.  With this crazy 365 endeavor I have about 6 hours to come up with an idea and implement it.

Thus you are seeing abstract painting #1.

Freeing.  I feel like I just jumped off the high dive!

Showing the painting to the public =terrifying.  Actually creating the painting =liberating.

It was so much fun to play with color.  You start with one color and then you add another one next to it….then another one….then you have a beginning, so you can add more colors around the beginning creating balance and rhythm. Me the control freak- had to release control…flow with the water and see where the paint went.  I didn’t create the composition before I started painting. Instead every 60 seconds I’d have to observe what the paint and water had done and assess whether I liked it or should redirect it.

Great metaphors for life.  Releasing control and going with the flow.

Huh. Easier said then done!

Well, at least I can now say I tried.

You know that old saying “You never regret the things you’ve done. You regret the things you never did.”

OK. I’m ready to do it again!


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  1. LOL. I think you and I are going to be good friends. I’ve often wondered how I ended up an artist of sorts with the brain of a type A personality. Because really, does it matter how many little circles are in the center of the daisy which is not even the focal point of the particular drawing?

    I’ve been working on wall murals lately. I’ve had to – OUT LOUD – say a few times, “Okay, if somebody comes over here, and whips out a tape measure to see how far point A is to the edge of the wall and compare it to how far point B is from the edge of the wall…. that person and I are going to scrap.”

    Maybe God put an artistic streak in me to center me. Surely, if I let my systematic brain take over, I would implode. That’s messy. I don’t clean on Mondays.

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