#18 -Ominous Looking Seapod

#18 -Ominous Looking Seapod

Have I gone a little too far this time? This one is a little crazy I’ll admit!

I started the painting not knowing where it was going.  First with a large jade green streak across the paper. Then my natural instinct was to add red which is green’s compliment. Four shades of red later, hot pink started to creep in. The dabs of paint in the center felt to me like seed pods. Do you think it stems from my hang up with pomegranates? (See post #4 -Owen’s Pomegranate).

What it boils down to again is color.  When I get to the point of bright saturation of color I begin to feel a reaction, a response. And that is what art is supposed to be about right?  Our response to the world around us.

 I’ll try to tone it down a little for you earthy muted folk :)

I said I’d try.


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  1. i LOVE this. Don’t change a thing. It called to me from my sleepy computer screen. Loud enough that my not yet fully caffeinated self went back to it! beautiful. Do what calls you, make it bold if you feel bold. Make it soft if you are feeling subtle. Let it speak about YOU! Nice work.

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