#19 -Button Up

Here are a few more pieces I just strung up from my pottery class.

The theme for these were buttons.  Of course I have a beautiful vintage button collection. Doesn’t everyone?

 I took some of my favorites, pressed them into a slab of clay, cut around them to create pendant shapes and then created the bail for stringing them. To get the fun colors I hand painted each button shape with under glazes. The next step was firing. I then added clear glaze to make them shiny and then they were fired a second time. Rhea (from Plum Pottery Studios) if you are reading this, could you comment on the correct terminology for each step of the firing process?  I am sure I am butchering the terminology with words like “thingy-mi-jiggy” and “glazing” and “firing”. There are more correct terms. It just takes my brain about 90 times before I get them committed to memory properly!

Well, I’ve found a fun way to show off my buttons.  Now I will be wearing them around my neck!


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