This is my girlfriend Maria’s new love of her life, Teddy.

 I’m pretty sure he is a mini Pinscher.  I promised I would paint a portrait of her dogs (she has another dog Honey I will have to paint another day!)  while I was visiting, but time ran out.

This painting was painted in three locations.  First I sketched it in Maria’s kitchen (notice I omitted the 80’s wallpaper this time around!) Next I got in the car, drove for three hours and arrived at my Dad and Step-mom’s house.  I whipped out my water color pad and almost finished it last night at their house…but I still had some work to do on it.  So location three was back at my home sweet home this morning.

All in all, the weekend forced me to bead some of my pendants, paint some fishees and  complete a portrait of cutie Teddy…I’d say it was an artistically productive weekend.

At this point I’m not sure if my friends and family want to support this crazy endeavor or strangle me. It’s probably a little of both!

A painting of this size can take 5-6 hours.  When visiting, I’d imagine it can be a drag watching your guest stuck in a chair most of the day!  I guess I will make up for it when I give them the paintings to remember me by!

I just want to say it again, thank you all for supporting me -my wonderful friends and family!  xxoo Mary


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