Today brings with it a classic watercolor landscape.  When I started it, the painting was primarily blues and grays.  It kind of looked skeletal.  Another word might be boring.  I was about to scrap it when I thought about technicoloring it.  Under each bold color field is the remnants of Payne’s gray, burnt umber, black &  Antwerp blue. After the painting got a little bit of color infusion, I began to like it.

Another technique I implemented was lifting the paint out of the painting.  In the forefront the grasses were created by what remained of the pigment.  It gives the image a lithograph feeling which reminds me of a New York artist named Harvey Kidder.  Lifting the paint out of the front areas also gives the illusion of wind blowing through the reeds which you find a lot by the sea.

It’s a sweet and simple little watercolor .  I’ll add it to my pile!  How awesome is that?  I have a pile of art.  I am only on day 23 and I have a nice little collection started here.

I think this 365 Day challenge was a good call.  It is whipping me into shape and forcing me to create a routine.  If only I had the interest in exercise that I have in art; I’d be DIESEL!


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  1. Love this! Not being an artist, I have no clue what you are talking about, but I like it!! You are amazing and inspiring…keep it up!

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