Liv's fashion plates

Boy oh boy, the kids kept me busy this weekend!

Besides going to an awesome book swap and a friend’s birthday party, we mostly stayed home and created stuff.  This first photo started the day.  By 7:30 am my daughter and I were very busy creating a fashion show.  I chose the old school 1980’s rub with a crayon plates and Liv went with the high-tech Y2K light box tracing fashion plates. I think I do the same girl over and over out of nostalgia for my youth.  Girl with flower in hair, flower in hands, pants.  I probably have 200 rubbings of the same darn girl over a life time!  It so quickly brings me back to when I was 8 years old. However, my daughter, she kicks it up a notch.  She only traces the face and body silhouette and then designs and colors her own creations.  They are awesome to look at.  She’s got some creative juices running in those veins!

Owen's Skylanders

Next my son was complaining about the “baby Cuckoo clock” I had hung in his room a year ago. He is six years old and very matter-of-factly told me it had to go!  I told him I wouldn’t take it down until we put something else up and that brought us to another weekend project.  My son is totally into SkyLanders…I won’t bother explaining them because in two months they will be sooo passe.  This is why I didn’t want him taping the images all over the wall.  I just so happened to have a load of unpainted frames from a previous project and sent him to work creating very special frames where we can change out the pictures whenever he feels like it.  Good compromise right?  They look awesome. He did a great job.

Paint brush carrier

The third project was for mom.  I’ve had my paint brushes in the same box for literally 15 years.  They are always spilling over and I waste an enormous amount of time searching for just the right brush.  My daughter wanted a sewing machine and to learn how to sew for Christmas.  I thought this was a great beginner’s sewing project because there are so many straight lines to sew for each paint brush.  After she started to learn how to sew, I showed my daughter how to splatter paint.  She loved this activity, but it was so cold the paint was freezing to the ground! Yikes.

We somehow completed all of these projects by 1 pm which has allowed mom a little blogging time.   Somehow, the painting Monday through Friday is a lot of work, but helping two little kids fulfill all of their little dreams, is plain old exhausting!  Whoo, I think I might try to sit for 2o minutes before were off to a family Sunday dinner!


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