Written at 9am:

So far, I have been deathly afraid to attempt acrylics during this daily challenge.  It is not so much that I don’t know how to use them, it’s just that when I do use them I add layer after layer after layer.  My larger paintings can take weeks!  So my fear is wrapped up in the idea that I won’t be able to finish and then I would have to post a half-finished painting.  I have some control freak issues going on as well as plain old unfounded fear.  So, after I have recognized a ridiculous fear what do I have to do next?  Tackle it!  I bought a stack of 10×10 inch canvasses, a size I thought I may be able to handle in one day and this week I will attempt to conquer my acrylic painting fears.  Here it goes…….

Now it’s 5pm:


Well, I finished the painting and it took longer than I anticipated.  I started it at 9am and finished it around 4:30 give or take. I had a few disruptions throughout the day.  I actually added another whole layer of details to this painting but it was too dark to get a good photo, so enough is enough.  It’s time to quit for the day.

All said and done.  I enjoyed myself.  I love these good luck cats. No matter what, they make me smile.

 From a technical standpoint, today I practiced sketching out the painting with paint on the canvas (no pencil like in watercolor).  I worked from the background forward.  I loosely added the reflections to the cat without becoming obsessive compulsive and I also added details around the painting as opposed to concentrating on only one section at a time.  These were all great lessons in a day’s work.

Tomorrow is pottery, which will give me an extra day to think about my next acrylic painting.  To be able to complete the painting in a six-hour time frame, I am either going to have to go with a larger subject matter or fewer objects in the still life.  Either of these options should get me closer to my goal.  That is what this whole 365 is about.  Figuring out what I can do…when, why, how, & where…. which are all very good questions to answer.

OK.  I now have to take off my artists cap and put on my mom apron. Until we meet again!


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