OK. Up an at it.  It is 9am am I am going to try to focus again on finishing a painting in 5 hours (3 pm is my kid’s pick up time). I didn’t select fewer items although I should have.  Instead I am going to try to really loosen up and only use large brushes.  Large brushes=large strokes=faster?  Not sure, but I will try.  I really do have to learn to loosen up.  Everything I do is more literal than gestural ….this should be good practice.


I did it!  I did it!  I finished the painting by 2 pm!  Wa Hoo!

I’d say it was a little rushed, which threw some of the perspective off, but it forced me to be decisive and swift.

I titled this painting SPRING CHICKEN in honor of the forced spring flowers arriving at the super market.  When I see primroses in the supermarket I know hope springs eternal.  I will make it through the winter!  And I have pretty little reminders on my window sill that the day will come when green pokes through the earth!

I also used some of my favorite tchotchke, from around the house a vintage white glass hen and one of my tomato salt and pepper shakers.  Also, vintage Pyrex in one of my favorite colors, aqua.

I only used 3/4 inch paint brushes and up.  Forcing me to abandon a lot of detail and decisively create permanent broad strokes.

It’s a rather sweet little vignette of some of my favorite things.  I shall hang it up to remind me of spring.



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