Today has been an interesting day.  Us Rhode Islanders started off with a 1 hour delay due to really strong wind storms. It has been windy ever since.   That being said, I got off to a late start.

I have no idea where this painting came from.  It is absolutely not in a “Mary” color palette.  In fact it’s really dark and serious – totally not me.

I knew I wanted to do ranunculus because they are one of my favorite flowers but usually one would associate them with light and airiness.  I guess not today.  I guess the storm clouds must have been hovering over my canvas.

I was smart enough to take a photo every once in a while so you could see the method to my madness.  Again, being time conscience, I opted to loosen up and only use larger brushes.


Here is the finished product.  Sort of wild and weird.  Dare I say “bathroom art-ish”?  I just said it.  Bathroom art.  That is what I think of.  One of those serious toned, color-pallete-to-match your towels, paintings.


Oh well, there is a place for everything and everything in its place.


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  1. Since I know nothing about painting, it is cool to see how you did this. I appreicate the in the process photos. I love the shadows even if you do call it “bathroom art”.

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