9 am:

I think I’ve hit an all time low.  I was at the 3 pm pick up line at the elementary school in a baseball cap and my monkey pajamas.  My son’s teacher commented ” Don’t you look warm and cozy”.  Yeah, I probably did, but did she realize I had been rocking my monkey PJ’s for the last 18 hours?

CONFESSIONAL:  I have to admit that I have never looked as horrible as I have in the past 30 days!

My routine before the 365 was to get the kids on the bus in the morning and then go take a shower. But when I started needing every minute I could get, the showers kind of disappeared.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d bathe, it just might have been around 6 pm when I finally got around to it.  Which means, this is when I finally got out of my ridiculous collection of silly patterned pajamas and into a new pair of silly patterned pajamas.

How is this for FULL MENTAL RESISTANCE:  It only occurred to me to wake up earlier today!  Nothing comes between me and my sleep….accept for this 365.  It is so funny how the brain works.  I had the concrete thought in my head that I would not wake up one minute before I had to.  That thought was so strong, I lasted 30 days into my challenge without even challenging the thought.  Silly me.  I am so sorry for that poor husband of mine.  When he comes home from work at night I promise to at least be in a pair of blue jeans.  And I promise to even try to throw a little make up on before I enter the school parking lot!

Ok.  Onto the art…


3 pm:  I didn’t get it done :(

This is what I have done so far.  No it is not a sunflower.  The splotch in the middle will help create shadows and contrast as I begin to add layer after layer of flower petals.  I guess it was a little too ambitious to attempt a spider mum in one sitting.  It probably has another two hours of work to be done which I will not be able to do until the kids go to bed.  So expect my final painting around 11 pm tonight.  Uggh. I guess I won’t be flopping my bum on the couch in front of the tv this evening.  But that is o.k.  I actually really enjoy painting and I can’t wait to see this mum finished!

I’ll check in later.

(I still have 10 minutes…I think I’ll try to do my hair and throw some make-up on!)


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