Today I woke to a quiet house.  The kids were away. I had plenty of hot coffee by the warm fire.  A beautiful morning to sit and paint.

By the way I am absolutely loving my paintbrush holder.  It is super-duper functional!


 I knew I wanted to do a landscape this morning, but I felt like every time I do, I hardly consider the paint palette enough, I just paint.  I have amassed a good-sized assortment of my favorite color paint chips from my local paint shop and  today, for the first time, I created a color palette before I started painting.  In this way, as I started each new area of the painting I considered the palette a little more carefully than normal.  It worked quite well actually.

Here is the final painting:


The colors are still a little too true to life.  I’d like to venture into the wild color schemes of Paul Gauguin and Pierre Bonnard.  So, I will continue on the path of landscapes for a few days until I lighten and brighten up a little more.  I will use the paint chips to explore some more exotic color schemes and we’ll see what I come up with.

Until then AU REVOIR!


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  1. I love your approach Mary :-)
    I’ve never ventured into acrylics if this is what you are using here, not sure what paint chips are lol … it looks like there’s lots of freedom with it . I ‘m sort of trying to realise that you don’t have to slavishly copy a sight infront of one and be a bit more adventerous but I’m not that confident always ha

    1. Maybe the word paint swatch makes more sense? When you go to a paint store they have all the different colors on paper for you to choose from. They are free and you can do a lot with the very vast color range that they come in. An artist told me to cut them up and create a paper collage with them…but I haven’t gotten to it yet :) Does this make sense? Free paint color swatches?

      1. yes yes I see now !
        I have loads and other sample things like that and this week I was aiming to get my scissors out to start snipping hearts or perhaps butterflies :-) for bunting thingy :-)

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