Here is a secret.  During this 365, my crock pot and I have become BFFs.  I had dinner made by 8:30 this morning.  It took me about 15 minutes which is about what I feel I can handle these days!

#35- Dawn thru the tree

Today I decided to paint one of the trees in my front yard.  I picked a color scheme and went to work.

#35- Dawn through the tree

I love this tree.  It’s really big and practically hollow.  The pink morning sun shines through it,  filling my room with reds and gold, while the tree stays cold,frigid and blue in the snowy winter. Every time we have a wind storm I look outside my window at this tree and think “hold on tree -don’t fall today!”  I would be sad to see it go.  Trees are awe-some and so inspiring to me.

I omitted black from my paint palette today, which brought me to these wonderful blues, however I used brown in this palette which again is still too life like.  Next painting I will omit brown as well and see if I can get my palette to pure color pigments.

I’m feeling like a productive member of society today.  I’m showered, dinner is made, my creative project for the day has been accomplished.  I may even have a minute or two to myself.  Maybe with a month under my belt, I’m slowly gaining control over this 365.

Ha. Who am I kidding. It’s just a lucky day!  I better take those few extra minutes and try to figure out what I will do tomorrow :) Oh yeah, pottery.  I sure hope one of my pieces of pottery are complete.  That would be awesome.

Check me at Plum Pottery Studio tomorrow. I think I am going to create a slab bowl and maybe some face jugs if time permits. See you then!


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  1. *smiling* @ crockpot supper ! I love to get supper sorted as much as possible early too as it leaves more time for creativity YAY :-)

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