I have so much for show and tell today!

First off, three of my bowls were finished. Yay!  I went a little crazy hoping to use the glazes in a non-traditional way.  I think I learned not to do that.  I’m humbled.  I think I will take a more traditional approach next chance I get (we’ll see how long that lasts!) Primarily, most people dip their vessels in 1-3 different glazes.  I have been painting them on and using way more than 3!  I’m sure there’s a happy medium, I just haven’t found it yet :)

Next, my mother-in-law gave me this beautiful doily to use in my pottery class.  By rolling the doily with the clay through the big slab roller, you can create texture in the clay; basically an imprint.  The glazes look awesome as they settle in the indents and crevices.  I created a bowl and a platter using this similar method.

Finally I worked on my darling boy’s mug. I created a cobra to wrap around the vessel, I under glazed it and even added the blood-shot eye-ball to the bottom.  This will then get bisque fired and when it comes out, I will add the blood dripping down the inside of the mug. It should be really 6-year-old-super-cool!

Pottery class is so much fun.  I apologize to my viewers if it is like watching paint dry.

But truly, you should try it some time!


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  1. I ‘ve seen this effect on pottery ceramics with the doily and think it gives a whole new dimension it’s really nice ! Look forward to seeing that one glazed :-)
    Your young man must be v excited seeing his mug develop !

  2. No, no! It is not like watching paint dry ….. Your pictures and blog make want to get back into pottery! And to think that just a few short months ago I gave away my (never used) kick wheel that has been with me for so many years. But, I can still do slab rolling, yes?!

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