Ahhh.  Can you tell I am pining for summer?

This painting is loosely based on an area on the coast here in Rhode Island called Black Point.  There is a rocky old path to walk.  As you walk it, the yellow grasses are blowing, the reddish clay from the earth is protruding and as you hit the end of the path you see the dark blue sea, the abundantly blue sky and tons and tons of rocky cliffs.

It’s one of my favorite places.

Of course you have to be an artist of sorts to overlook the tremendous amount of graffiti every where.  This spot is ignored by the groundskeepers of our state beaches and it is far enough removed that high school and college kids have claimed it for themselves. But, they must deface it at night, because it is very quiet and solitude during the day.  I live in a tourist haven, so finding a less used space by the sea is monumental.

I feel like I’m loosening up color-wise, but in the dead of winter I am finding it very difficult to find inspiration for landscapes.  I am the biggest cold-whimp you’ve ever met, so do not even posture the idea of asking me to paint snow schemes!  I will just have to wait 2-3 months and then I can be outside again.

I will keep working on freeing up my color usage, but my creative energy (or maybe my attention span) is telling me to move on from landscapes for now.  I’m sure I’ll be back when the landscape-mojo-energy hits me again at some point :)


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