11:30 pm -I finished my days work, but I’m just too darn tired to blog about it.  I will add text in the morning!

Nighty Night.

7 am -OK. Feeling better.

I am a rummager. Even if I was a millionaire, you’d find me searching through the bins at the Salvation Army.  I find it absolutely fascinating what people get rid of.   Also, with mass production, everyone owns the same things. Clothing and home goods become carbon copies of each other.  Thrift stores have items spanning 50-70 years. What is old becomes new, what no longer serves another suits me just fine.

I mention this because I have amassed quite the collection of blankets over time. Especially granny quilts. I just can’t resist their colors of course.  But really, what astonishes me, is the amount of time that goes into creating a blanket and yet it has been discarded.  I often wonder, did some granny die and they shipped all her stuff off to the donation center or worse, was it a gift someone found hideous, yet they found anonymity in dropping it in the church barrel and hoping it went to a good cause?

Well, either way, I have found them and I love them. I probably have 5 or 6 blankets now.  Big squares, little squares, traditional black borders or olive drab green, they are vibrant and beautiful.  I recently found a penny pattern quilt with over 50 fabrics in it.  Each piece was hand stitched and then hand-quilted on top of that.  It’s gorgeous and I bought it for 6 bucks.

I know when I tell many of my friends day after day that every darn thing I wear and every cool thing in my house came from the Goodwill, they are totally creeped -out.  I think they think dirty, used, tainted, contaminated.  I think well worn,  unique, holds up, makes me smile.  The truth is, I really don’t want to change any of their minds, this would mean competition at some of my favorite haunts. So really, what I recommend to my friends and family are to go out and buy, buy, buy and after a few months when your latest acquisition has lost its appeal, DONATE IT!  There are a few of us rummagers out there waiting :)

Really quick note.  I love this idea of wrapping a tree in a granny quilt.  I am going to try it again.  What I didn’t like about this are the silly little leaves I added.  I thought it would be something interesting to add, but I think they detract.  So, if anyone actually read on to the bottom of my post I would love some feedback.  Should I try my next one with lots of all-black leaves, few leaves, no leaves?  And the back ground, I didn’t have any ideas yesterday, but I’m wondering to I have silhouettes of lack luster trees behind it or keep it plain?  I have the idea to have some yarn unraveling from a branch connected to a ball of yarn on the ground.  The white watercolor was supposed to be translucent which will in the future have better effect and I will add shading  to the tree to give it more dimension.

Not everything comes out right the first try.  But from this piece, sparks an idea.


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