#42 -Hacked to bits

Well this is amusing.  I had this painting I did a long time ago that I hated.  I hated it because it really had no composition.  They were all different ideas I had for beads I was going to make out of polymer clay.  So this morning I had the notion to cut it up and reconfigure it. I grabbed some small pieces of glass, selected areas of interest, marked them and started cutting.


Oh, I cut alright, but I don’t think it made the painting any better!  Indeed, it is a lot smaller than it once was but the composition is still lacking.  It’s just  simply hacked to bits.  I kind of laugh out loud each time I say HACKED UP because I think it’s rather funny that I spent the day tearing apart a painting I didn’t like to create another image I don’t like.

I’m still ever so thankful I have a good sense of humor.  Oh well.  In my head I thought I could make it into something bigger and better. Nope just smaller and HACKED UP!  ha ha ha ha…I’m losing it!

Maybe if I cut them into even smaller pieces I will begin to like it more….hmmm….there are still a few more hours in this day…where’s my trusty x-acto knife :)

Nah. I’m done. I will chalk it up as a lesson learned and move on.  There’s always tomorrow right?


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