Today was our third snow day from school due to the blizzard.  Hello?  How do you blog with your kids home all day?  It has been so difficult!  Knowing there wasn’t any school, Rhea del Rosario from Plum Pottery East was kind enough to offer that I bring my family along today. What a wonderful idea.  I got to do something fun for me and they got to come along and see what mom does on Tuesday mornings.

Rhea gave the kids a slab of clay, rolling pins, stamps and cookie cutters and sent them on their merry way.  My daughter is 8 years old, so she really got into her creations. My six year old boy, he was done in about ten minutes!

#43- FAMILY DAY AT PLUM POTTERY EAST (2)I’m not sure how we came up with the idea, but to entertain my son for the rest of the session, we gave him my Canon Rebel camera and told him to document the day.  Every photo except for the one of him, was taken from the perspective of my six year old boy.

When I got home this afternoon and checked out my camera, little Owen had taken 153 photos!  I think he really enjoyed himself.  He took the beautiful shot up above of my daughter’s hands at work.  There were tons of photos of me at the pottery wheel.  He even understood the concept of photographing the mirror to gain a better perspective of mom in action.


Then there were the ten photos of my chest, my butt, the other ladies butts, my daughters butts….you see where this is going right?  Not much difference between a 6 year old boy and a 60 year old man!  It must be innate.  Cracked me up!

I had quite a few things to glaze today, but I didn’t get them done.  Instead I focused on throwing.  I made three bowls today. I figured I’d get a few more things in the pipeline and focus on glazes next week.

My daughter now has the pottery bug.  She is looking forward to starting pottery classes in a few weeks.

I think it’s great when you can share things you are enthusiastic about.  Thanks Rhea for a fun time!


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  1. So fun to share with the kids! Bowls are hard – i will send you a photo of me trying to create something in my sister in law’s studio. Owen is hilarious!!

  2. Love the photo collage a-la-owen… particularly the butt shots. What a fun morning!
    153 photos… are you kidding?? I need to hire him to shoot during my other classes!

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