Today I worked on a new rendition of The Granny Quilt Tree (see post #41 for the original).  I had mentioned that I loved the original idea, but because I was figuring it out as I went, there were changes I would make if I were to create it again.

These were my mental notes:

– Pay more attention to the background. Create land. Maybe moonlight?

– Lose the leaves. They are not necessary.

– Create quilt squares on the branches instead of color splotches.

– Shade the tree to create depth and dimension.

– Maybe add a yarn ball as if the tree had just finished being crocheted?

I set to work this morning with these ideas in mind and I pretty much accomplished them.  Now the control freak in me can rest and move on! Plus, the only thing better than a granny quilt tree is two granny quilt trees!

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4 thoughts on “#44 – BACK TO MY GRANNY QUILT TREE

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