#45 -VDAY


Happy Valentines Day!!! I hope everyone is wearing a little red today!

Valentines day is such a sweet tradition. In fact, I like it so much I actually had a Valentine’s Day wedding.  I asked 150 people to wear red and bring a handmade valentine…and they did!  We had tons of red roses and red berries and each guest took home the classic heart box of chocolates.  Fun stuff.

As a kid my mother always set a beautiful table to surprise us Valentine’s Day morning.  She’d pull anything and everything red out of the cabinets and make a splendid table.  I can even remember her using Campbell Soup cans for decoration and of course little candy hearts everywhere.

#45 - VDAY

Well Mom, the tradition has not been lost.  I was up until midnight looking around for something red!  My kids favorite treats are gummy worms. Yes, how romantic!  So they each nibbled on worms this morning sipping cranberry juice from their heart glasses.  So cute.  It’s funny, the smallest, simplest, gestures will be what they remember forever.

I sat down after yet another school hour delay for snow and thought I’d create a valentine for my 365 day challenge.#45 - VDAY 2

In my old house, I had a red valentine bathroom.  I probably have over 40 vintage valentines.  The puns on the cards make my crack up every time I see them!  So I thought I would create my own pun valentine.

First I came up with the idea of using a Bumble Bee Tuna can.IMG_5458

The pun was going to “bee” :  YOU ARE CUTE AS CANNED BEES  Get it?  Cute as can be!  Oh I crack myself up….

Next I had the idea of creating a devil valentine.


The pun was going to say something like this:  WAZ UP HOTTIE?  YOU HAD ME AT HELL-O

Get it?  HOT & HELL …..Oh man I’m on FIRE!!!

However, I came up with the EX in SEXY and thought “Now there’s a valentine you don’t see everyday!”.

And then it just kept getting better….SKUNKS….our situation STINKS…..oh man…oh man….I crack myself up.

Seriously though, my peers and I are all quickly approaching 40.  We’ve all had kids for almost a decade and I’m beginning to see signs of  domesticity taking its toll. It’s tough staying together for what could be 50-60 years.  We all should celebrate those who can make it and support all of our loved ones who may need to make changes in their romantic lives to become healthier happier beings.

So this goes out to all my friends and family who may not really feel up to Valentine’s Day this year.  May I give you a word of advice (not that I have any authority on any matter!) but here it goes.

“It is better to keep your humor than it is to keep your dignity!”

Let us all toast to our loved ones this evening and remember to laugh at ourselves whenever the opportunity arises!


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  1. Nicely put Mary! Happy Love Day to you and your family!! Have to have it stinky sometimes to really appreciate sweetness. :-)

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