After 3 days of the kids being home due to snow accumulations, today I really felt like hunkering down and painting without disruption.  Thanks to my wonderful in-laws and my very understanding husband, I got to do just that.  The kids got to go swimming at our local university while I sat in my pjs and painted all day.  Absolute heaven.  I am on Day #47 of my creativity challenge and I am still enjoying every minute of it.

If you refer back to post #30 – SPRING CHICKEN you will see a little primrose plant tucked away in the far right corner.  I bought this little plant 17 days ago for that particular still life.  As I brushed past my little primrose this morning I thought to myself “gosh you are even prettier than you were over two weeks ago”.  Flowers don’t last forever, so I took the opportunity to paint this little primrose one more time.

The #30 still life was painted in acrylic, so this time I chose watercolor. The plant is nesting on a blue and white pedestal which is nesting in a carnival glass bowl and dish.  I just love the iridescence of carnival glass especially juxtaposed against the red and green of the primrose.

The painting took forever (like over 10 hours) due to the painting of each petal.  I am still failing miserably at finding subject matter, sketching and painting all within a 6 hour time frame. So again family, thank you so much for allowing me this time to really go for it and do something I love.  Your support has been the gift of my lifetime.

My in-laws were kind enough to take the kids for a couple of days.  So I am going to put down my paintbrush, turn off my camera, shutdown the computer and go enjoy a nice meal with my husband.  The end of a perfect day.


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  1. Thank you for your support. I thought this journey would be a bit lonely but little did I know faces would appear on my screen and route me on and push me further. Thank you for being there!

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