I’m having so much fun getting to spend all of this time with my family.  I am with my cousins, sister, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, second cousins and sooo many very close family friends. Sad circumstances yet such a wonderful experience.

So I’ve had no idea what I was going to be able to do art-wise while on this trip honoring my grandmother. Our schedule has been crazy and we are out and about from dawn to well past dusk!

This morning I asked the kids what I should do and this was the still life we came up with.


My seven-year old niece Caleigh is very interested in art and was wondering what this “contour drawing” is all about.  Contour drawing is where you focus on the contour/outline of objects with your pen to paper. The catch is that you are not allowed to look at your paper. You can only keep your eyes on the objects.  This strengthens your hand-eye coordination and creates wonderful, free and quite loopy drawings.

I asked everyone at breakfast to create a contour drawing so I could show you how different each person’s perspective and personal drawing techniques can be.

Here are some of their results.IMG_5564 IMG_5566 IMG_5568 IMG_5571

I think they are all fabulous! It’s amazing how different the same subject can be.  This is why artists will never run out of ideas for work. We could all have the same ideas yet not one ever execute it the same. So cool!


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  1. What a loose loopy watercolour painting Mary :-)
    I love it .
    And I really must have a go at the contour drawing – def worth a try .

  2. You must have go! And then you must share it with us! They are very fast and very free. Pick something to draw and draw the same thing yourself 5 times. Most likely each will be different….Get going!

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