I’m back to my quiet little home, in front of my warm fire and enjoying some peace and solitude.

The kids got off to school without a hitch. My house is a mess, there is a pile of luggage, nothing in the fridge, and I simply do not care.

I love quiet.  I missed it.

I am such a loner.  A hermit. I wouldn’t go as far as to say anti-social, but I sure do enjoy being by myself.

Today I kept the radio off and sat in complete silence.  Just me, my paint and a canvas.

I chose a scene nearby on the island of Jamestown, RI.  There you can find an abundance of nature, particularly this spot. The Jamestown Marsh/ Grasslands.

At this time of year the fields are dead, but their carcasses are beautiful shades, of brown, gray, orange and red. What I love most about this spot is the sky.  The area is so vast that the clouds make shadows on the fields.  Some areas glow in the sun, while other areas are blue in the shadows.

The day after Labor Day, my whole community goes quiet.  People close their summer homes. Families prepare for their kids return to school.  We go from complete chaos to tranquility.

That is sort of how I feel today.

I am letting it all sink in.


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