#57-pottery class (3)

Well, I don’t have too much to show for this weeks pottery session.  My instructor Rhea Del Rosario from Plum Pottery East would say “Yeah, but you learned a lot!”  and I would simply say ” Ugh!”

It started out pretty good.  I made the bowls above last week. So this week I stamped and trimmed them. But then I got on that pottery wheel and the rest went down hill!

I have two more Pakistani textile stamps I haven’t used so I needed to make two more bowls.  During my first attempt, I got what they call a “wobble” inside the clay center. Rhea told me to give up all hope on this lump of clay being a bowl and try for a plate.  I had never made a plate before so that sounded ok.  I made a gorgeous plate.  I loved the rim, it looked beautiful.  I went to run my wire tool through the bottom to get it off the bat it was attached to and the wire went right through the center of my plate! Ahhhh! Frustrating! Apparently I made the center a little too thin.  I had to scrap it.

Next…..I’m thinking bowl…..I’m thinking bowl……tough time centering the clay……can’t do it to save my life……instructor helps me center clay……start lifting the sides……got it…….it looks good……really good……..but nothing like what I intended!

#57-pottery class (4)

I did make a gorgeous bowl. However, it is huge.  It’s like a large salad or serving bowl.  In fact, it is the largest bowl I have made to date. But way too big to match my little Pakistani stamped bowls.  I will have to try again next week to make two more textile stamp bowls.  They are like soup bowl size.  Being a novice, I have no control over what I’m doing!

After that, I moved on to glazing.

#57-pottery class (1)

#57-pottery class (2)First I added some glazes to these little ornaments my kids made when they joined me at pottery because of a snow day. Then I glazed this platter in a white glaze. I rubbed some of the glaze off hoping the terracotta color of the clay will come through. We will have to wait and see.

So I have a lot on deck.  3 of the mugs are finished. I am waiting for the cobra mug to come out of the kiln. Then I have the large doily bowl I made. I glazed it cobalt blue. I really like it and hope it turns out ok. Also, I have 4 other bowls in different parts of the pottery process.  It better stay cold for another month.  I need to make a big batch of soup to try them all out!


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