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You are looking at all the quintessential little boy gear, Pikachu, Angry Bird, Om Nom, Puff-Ball skeleton and Darth Vader.  What’s that?  What’s that you say?  You want to know why there’s a pink pillow smack dab in the middle of my boys bed?

Heh heh, funny you should ask.

It all began a year ago while we were in the throes of moving to our current home.  I made the mistake of saying “C’mon kids why don’t you pick out something and we will base your new rooms around it.”

My preschool son chose the pink pillow.

Now I am that mom that will be damned if I am going to tell my boy he can’t like pink when there is absolutely no gosh darn reason why he shouldn’t.  I think socializing stinks period, not that I wasn’t aware that there are social repercussions for not going along with the herd.

We bought the pillow.

O’Dogs room is awesome.  I put up surf/skim boards, a disco ball, spin art, cool brown walls. Dare I say, it’s the coolest room in the house….but then kindergarten came.

Needless to say, my boys favorite color is now red…black….and he likes spiders….snakes….skulls….and anything else he can come up with to prove his six-year-old manhood!

To tell you the truth, I don’t think he even notices that the pillow is even in his room anymore. But I do, I remember it was one of those days where as a parent I had 30 seconds to decide what I was going to teach my kid about colors and masculinity and I wasn’t going to pass on that B.S.

No boy, you don’t have to have a glove in your hand to be masculine. You don’t have to wear blue every day of your childhood to prove you are a boy.  You can love music, art and the color pink and it doesn’t mean you are effeminate.  It turns out the world has a little more say than mom. However, in my home, they will not be learning what it means to be boy or girl, they will learn what it means to be human.

Enough said.  What it boils down to is I don’t really care what my son is into at the moment.  It will change like his underwear which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t wear every day!

What I am thankful for is at the end of each day, he still begs me to come in and snuggle him up.  Which to me, means whatever I’ve done as a mom, can’t be too bad!


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  1. I love that my 6-yr old son loves bright colors – it’s the total artist-brain in him and I’m encouraging it as long as I can. That said, he can throw the meanest spiral you’ve ever seen from a kindergartner. And apparently boys are totally allowed to love pink and purple now – even the jockiest of boys in our ‘hood claim them as their favorite colors. Long live this new era of boys who are breaking through!!

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