Guess what night it is?  You got it!  The best night of the week!

I love taco night. When you tell the kids what’s for dinner, there’s no moaning, there’s cheers!  There are salty meats, tons of cheese, a little veggies to fill the requirement, some sort of tortilla and chips and once in a while Mom & Dad get to sneak in the occasional margarita or cerveza … Ahh, good times.  Staring the week off right! (Disregard yesterdays post on getting fit! I will drink Corona Light thank you very much!)

I was reading my recent subscription to Country Living magazine and this was the featured article…check out the photo…

It’s very cute right?  Beautiful home. They were talking about how the homeowner was paying homage to the late Andy Warhol by framing a can of peas….and that is where they lost me…  PEAS?  REALLY?  PEAS ARE COOL?  I don’t think so!

Campbell Soup cans are cool because they are red, white and graphic…Peas, well, they are just peas…bleck!

So then I thought what would be something zippy and graphic that my family would love?   But of course, TACO NITE!!!!

My poster is very large. Close to the pea print size but horizontal.  I decorate a little more Swedish Modern, meaning white walls, white furniture and then pops of bright color.  So envision an all white kitchen and then a giant burst of red, yellow and blue…and the best part…a giant taco!

I used the rectangle brick all bees-wax crayons again. This means I really couldn’t create too much detail, but since that forces you to create large shapes, you get a bold graphic-ness.  I love working big and bold…I’m going to keep at it for a bit….

So if any of you are feeling a yucky case of the Mondays, turn that frown upside down. Go to the market and surprise your family with the best night of the week – TACO NITE!!!!!


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