I have these blue glasses.  The day I got them I was modeling them for my kids asking them “Aren’t these so cool?…Aren’t theses so funky???”  They emphatically answered me “NO!”.  Well how do you like that?  Can you believe my kids thought that my new glasses were boring?  Well, I’d show them!  I went down into my basement where the remains of my old art studio now dwell, found my Swarovski Crystal box and BEDAZZLED the heck out of my new glasses….. I marched back up the stairs and modeled my new pair of new glasses…. And what was their response?    “Better”.    That’s it?  Better?  Well I don’t care what they think, I love my glasses thank you very much! hmm.

I’m having so much fun with this wax crayon resist and watercolor.  Today I broke out and ventured into my kids Crayola box.  I was desperately missing hot pink from the traditional beeswax color palette.  With the two previous artworks, where I used these same materials, I outlined everything in black to make them bold.  This time each object got its own colored outline and I feel like it’s just as bold.  Background colors throughout the whole piece had to be carefully considered to maximize this effect.  Here is what the image looked like before I painted it:


See?  Plain old crayon drawing, but add those watercolors and the artwork just explodes.  I love the marks the paint makes when it beads up and resists the wax.  I think it’s bright and cheery.  And again, it’s size is quite large – 22×30″. So there is a lot to study when close up. I added a lady bug, bumble bee and hummingbird to my garden bouquet. See if you can find them!

Well, you just don’t see this medium that often with the exception of elementary school art classes.

I think people should reconsider crayons…I sure know I am!


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    1. Just got to the end of the day and realized I responded to your post “No thank you”. What I meant was “No, thank you!” Meaning thank you for taking the time. I hope the lack of one comma did not make me appear rude :)

    1. Any crayon will work. Old candle sticks would work. When we were kids, my artsy aunt had us draw all over white t-shirts with white crayons. She then dyed all our shirts a dark purple. I will never forget my excitement as a kid to see my picture come to life. Just one white crayon-think outer space theme or what was in your room when the lights went out? The kids will have a great time watching their drawings come to life. In a day or so I am going to flip to oil pastels with watercolor. I will let you know if you get the same fun effects or if wax is still best! If I didn’t have this strong calling to be by myself creating all day, teaching kids would be my close second. They are total opposites though, isolation vs. room full of kids! Bless you. I hope you savor their enthusiasm like the finest of wines!

      1. I’m going to make a sample first. I’ve had a couple of bad experiences when I’ve tried a new technique with the kids and it doesn’t work. You might want to check out my site and see some of the work that my students have created.

      2. I am following your journey! You restore my spirit knowing there are teachers like you out there!!! Of course my art teachers were my favorite teachers of my school years! Enjoy molding those little minds!

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