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I owed my daughter big time.  She is a really good kid and with a dramatic little brother, she has to hold her own a lot.

This is why I declared Sunday a Mommy Daughter Day!

My daughter is so very smart.  She loves to learn, loves to read and loves all animal life.

My dining room is currently empty of all artwork  and I started to wonder what I would want to display there if I actually put some thought into it.  This has been on my mind for quite a few days now.  The space is about 10′ high by 12′ wide.  First I thought of 4 large panels that featured the 4 different seasons, then I thought what if I did 4 large panels of the seasons and our local farms….It sounds really pretty, but maybe a little to traditional for my decor.

The curtains in my dining room have a 2 foot crab pattern 

and after a year, I still enjoy looking at them (I live by the sea which makes sense!)

So I scrapped the fields and farms and thought giant 4 panel fish tank or maybe aquarium…

Aquarium!  Great idea! I need images to study…

…oh daughter…want to take a road trip?

So off we went this morning. We packed some lunches, sketch books and cameras and headed out to find some inspiration for artwork.

It was great having my little sidekick photographing and documenting what she was seeing and I had a blast playing with my Canon Rebel!  She’s old enough now that we can stop and read about everything we are looking at which makes for a terrific companion.

We had a little picnic outside (Us crazy New Englanders think 45 degree weather is reason to picnic!) and simply enjoyed the day.-IMG_6067

I have always said my most creative endeavor is my kids.  Sometimes you have to stop what you are doing, pay attention and go fill the well.

It was truly a creative and inspiring day.  So stay tuned.  I have so many beautiful photos now that I’m sure they will be creeping into my work!


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    1. Thank you….Day 70… I am starting to feel like this challenge is beginning to lose it’s luster! I’d imagine it will ebb and flow…thank you for keeping me company!

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