First May I say thank you to South County Art Supply for donating the gouache paints that I used for this flyer!  Andrea, the owner, told me these paints were nice and bright…No Kidding, They sure are!  They also come in the same colors as digital printer inks – magenta, cyan and primary yellow which is great for creating flyers that need to be easily reproduced.

Well welcome to Eco Fair week!

This week I will be unveiling a different Eco Fair flyer each day as my community service to my children’s school.  My kid’s school has two academic filters – environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

It all started last year when the woman in charge of the Eco Fair asked me if I could come up with something bright and cheery for their flyer.  These were the options I came up with last year:

Compass Flyer3 Final Compass FlyerbCompass Flyer1a

The committee members each placed a vote and the owl was the winner.  It took off from there.  Soon there was a woman creating a mascot costume.DSCN0103b  Kids creating drawings.  T-shirts were designed. They had a “Name The Owl” contest. One child even created her own owl stuffed animal.  Let’s just say the kids were very excited to have a special mascot for their fair .  The Eco Fair Owl’s official name is ECO by the way.

This year I was honored to be asked to create another flyer/t-shirt design for this years Eco-fair.  I figured I would make them 4-5 different designs, then they could pick one for this year, and have the others for future years to come.

I also was asked to revamp two old school desks to be entered into the school auction, so I will post photos of those throughout the week too.

I am slowly learning, if you volunteer your strengths it is simply not work at all.  Just pure joy!

Let’s see which Owl the Eco Fair committee chooses this year!

Thank you South County Art Supply


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  1. Critter Hut

    Ava Anderson Cosmetic

    RI Blood Bank

    RI Festival of Childrens Books and Authors

    Waldorf School-Circus Smirkus

    Peoples Power &Light


    Kingston Camp

    Smith & Aglis Potbelly Pig Manor

    Jr. Grange/Adult Grange

    URI Master Composters and Recyclers

    Coastal Resources Management Council

    Sierra Club

    Goat Farmers

    URI Energy Fellows/Wildlife and Conservation

    Compass Cafe

    Home Depot


    Photo booth

    Large Chess/Cornhole

    Little Yoga

    This is this year’s vendors so far.

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