#71 - ECOOwl#71 - Eco The Owl

Day two of Eco Fair week!  Woo hoo! or should I say Woo hoot!

Isn’t Eco the owl so cute?  My daughter loves this one.  The two flyers above are the same drawing just computer enhanced differently.  The school is going to have so many options by the end of the week….good luck picking one!

Pay attention to Eco’s shoes every day…he’s having  wardrobe changes!


I scrubbed and sanded the school desks I have to decorate.  Boy were they disgusting!  Ick!  Mold, dirt…gosh know’s what!  My girlfriend found them outside an apartment by the University of Rhode Island.  I’m guessing they may have even been from the university judging by the numbers stamped on their backs.  Looks just like the seating at my college.  These aren’t really kid sized, they are larger.  I am thinking they’d be a fun catch-all in a foyer…I will begin painting them tomorrow…

Other news…

March 2013 Art Reception

The Remax Flagship in Narragansett has a large space where they display and have art shows.  I will be one of the featured artists this month and would love for you to join me (kids are welcome)!

I plan on bringing a portfolio of the first 70 days. So please stop in, have a glass of wine, and see some of my work up close. I would love the company!

One more call of business….I plan on creating twig God’s Eyes with the kids at the Eco Fair.  Does anyone have or know someone who has yarn they would be willing to donate to the cause?  Anything you have will keep this craft grass-roots and recycled:)

OK.  I have a few minutes before school’s out.  Better get going on tomorrows Eco Owl!

Thanks for checking in!  -M


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