Finally!  My crocuses have opened!  That means I made it!!  I made it!! I made it through my 38th winter!!!

It is gorgeous today! Again, this is New England standards, which means it’s about 49 degrees!  But the sun is different, it’s brighter.  The wind has died down. The birds are returning. The Earth smells fabulous!  YIPPEE!

This is option 3 for the Compass School Eco Fair flyer/t-shirts.

My whole theory behind the bold colors and graphics is that they are hung beside 40 other flyers posting events for the month.  If most people hang a white piece of paper with a little flower up top and very standard text, then the Compass School Eco Fair is going to STAND OUT! Elisa, one of the committee members, had made the point when the project started that she wanted to use the same image year after year so that people were exposed to a type of Compass-Brand-Recognition.  I think it is very valid, but being an idea maker I don’t think I could live with just one owl image….I want hundreds!  More is more!!!! (Mweh he he ha ha <- that is my evil maniacal laugh!)

I’d imagine we’ll do a little bit of both. I would also like to see a contest where the kids make their best Eco-Owl designs and win their image on that years flyer/t-shirts.  Mainly because kids art ROCKS!!!


Last night we went to see Oz The Great and Powerful.  I was in complete heaven.  They made these forests filled with the brightest most extraordinary flowers I’ve ever seen.  I felt like I was transported to another world, which means the movie did a pretty good job! Everything starts off black and white like the original and then transitions to a fabulous world one could only create with the most current of technology. I 100% enjoyed the ride!

Oh where was I….back to balloons…

I have been working on these Eco posters at night, so that I could work on the school desks during the day.  That means I need to get my bum outside into this glorious weather and figure out what exactly I am going to paint on these desks!   Hmm…I am thinking of a beautiful fantasy garden (Oz-induced) and maybe an aquarium theme (Post #69 was a trip to an aquarium to find inspiration!) Wish me luck…Now that time is an issue, I don’t have much of it to fix these desks if I don’t like the outcome.  What would everybody’s mother say…Oh yeah, “try your best”…and get going!

Have a wonderful day! -M


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