#73 - eco poster flyer 2 #73 -eco poster flyer

Just yesterday I was delighting in my crocuses emerging…this morning?  SNOW! Talk about your mood swings!

Today is DAY 4 of Eco Week.  I’m feeling it!  I’m a bit tired and worried I am not going to get these desks done in the time I have allotted.

Yesterday I got the desks painted, came up with a design and primed the areas for the designs.  #72 - SWING HIGH

The white primed areas will allow for max brightness of colors…you know me!  The left desk will be a butterfly garden motif and the right a sea life motif.  The right seat has a giant starfish on it.  Guess you can’t see it in the photo.  I chose black to offset the bright colors I plan to use, but also I thought more people may be able to find a place for them in their homes.  They will have a splash of color, but in small doses, which should create a nice aesthetic.

Well enough dilly-dallying…I have to get painting the motifs on those desks.  I’m going to have to bring them back in the house today. It’s just too darn cold out there!


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