#74 – ROCK ON

#74 - ROCK ON2

Did I mention Compass School has a rock band?

The school had their art night last week and when Mr. Joel, the music teacher, busted out his electric guitar a light went off.  Oh yeah, Eco has to have an electric guitar!

For years, the Compass School has created a float in the Memorial Day parade that featured the school’s rock band.  Before I even conceived of having children, I would see these cute little kids on the float banging on drums, screeching on guitars, belting out lyrics and thought “now that is a cool thing to offer kids!”

Luckily, when I had kids I entered the lottery to get into the publicly funded charter and my daughter won, which subsequently automatically entitled my son to enrollment as well.

I’d say the school is not for everyone, there are many amenities the public schools have that this charter school doesn’t, mainly RESOURCES!  There is no gym, auditorium, music room, art room, cafeteria. It’s like a series of one room school houses. But, the amazing principal picks the best teachers, the class sizes are 19 students per grade, they combine grades which forces some kids to struggle to keep up and others to mentor peers that need help. They educate the kids about the environment, self-esteem, individuality, and responsibility to yourself and your community.  It feels so small and intimate you feel like family.  And then because they are always struggling to find funds and create programs, there is so much volunteer work needed.  If you volunteer, then there is another whole level of connectedness – one to the other families and two, to the school.

Because the school is so small, I think for the most part it goes unnoticed in the community.  The Eco Fair is a great way for Compass School to showcase its program and hopefully get all the kids in the community thinking about the environment.

I feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful school.



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