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After scrubbing, sanding, priming and painting the desks for the Compass School silent auction, they are finally complete!

Oh, BTW Top of the mornin’ to ya…Happy St. Patricks Day!

I am usually known for going a bit over the top with pattern, decoration and color.  I really tried to keep these subdued, what do you think?

I chose butterflies due to the inspiration and anticipation of the butterfly garden I planted this past fall.  I have just begun to clean out my flower beds and looking at the plants that I selected, I get so excited!  Some butterfly favorites are Buddleia (aka. butterfly bush), Butterfly Weed, Gaillardia, Echinacea (aka. cornflowers), Bee Balm, lavender and Coreopsis. I’m sure I have more in there but I won’t remember until it springs from the earth!

Because I live by the sea, we get to watch the Monarch butterfly migration towards Mexico.  The butterflies start their pilgrimage from as far up as Canada and stop to collect nectar and rest along the way.  By the fall, my butterfly bush is covered. It is such an awesome sight.

So this is why I chose these images.  I hope that someone shares in my enthusiasm for these  majestic creatures and wants to make this desk part of their home.

I’d also like to make a special declaration:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOTHER – BORN ON ST.  PATRICK’S DAY!!!

St. Patrick”s Day is a big holiday in our family. Some part due to our Irish heritage but most part due to my mommy!  We have been going to the NYC St. Patrick’s Day parade for about 15 years straight.  Through high school, college, pregnancies, new borns…I always make it home for my mom’s birthday….and drag her into the freezing cold with all the rowdy drunks…..Oh yeah, there’s that part….but I tell her it’s what keeps her young! It has gotten very tame over the past decade with children and naps and the COLD!  But me get there and every year when we think maybe we should just stay home…we push ourselves to go which reminds ourselves of how fun it can be once you get out there!


So we will be decked out in our Irish knits and our wearin’ of the green…and I share with you these Swarovski infused shamrock pins I made for my mother and I.  They are almost 3 inches in diameter.  Show stoppers!  We put them on every year and wear them proudly.

I just realized that you must think I’m nuts…St.Patty’s Day is Sunday not Saturday!  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it’s a Catholic thing….The NYC parade is on the 17th every year with the exception of when St.Patty’s Day falls on a Sunday….then the parade is held on a Saturday so all the good Irish Catholics can attend mass on Sunday.  So I am not crazy…well, just a little but that has nothing to do with it….We will be celebrating on the 16th because that’s what good Catholics do ;)


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