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Somewhere beyond the sea… Somewhere waiting for me……My lover stands on golden sand and watches the ships that go sailin’…  Gotta love Sinatra!

Sorry, that’s what I came up with as a title for today…I’m a dork.  What can I say!

This is chair #2 for the Compass School Silent Auction at the The Compass School ECO FAIR  Saturday, May 18th  from 11-3pm.  After a week of seeing flyers, you must know this with your eyes closed!

This will conclude the week-long creative volunteer work for my kid’s school.  I don’t think I have much more in me! Luckily, I get a little school respite until the 18th…then you will see me teaching children how to make God’s Eyes out of sticks and attempting to create a school rock garden…Those are my Earthy crafts for the Fair…  Fun. Fun. Fun. I get to be Arts & crafts Lady…A job I take very seriously thank you!

So my post #69 was a trip to the Aquarium with my daughter.  I told you of how my photos would become inspiration for artwork.  Well, for this chair I used 3 of the photos I took.  A sea-horse, starfish and this orange and hot pink fish from the aquarium which was so shockingly bright you’d never believe it unless you saw it yourself. Love it!

Again, I kept it sweet and simple in hopes that someone might be able to find a place for it in their home.

So there ya go.  If you are local and can attend, please come support a funky little school as they raise funds to hopefully function throughout the year as well as renovate the farm buildings on the property for school use.

Would love to see you!


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