Busy day at the pottery studio.  I didn’t report last week because of the Eco Fair Flyers but I’ll get you caught up.

The top photo is a flower box I am creating for my mother for her birthday which is on St. Patrick’s Day.  Let’s just say  it’s more likely she’ll be getting it for Mother’s Day!  It looks like a 3-year-old painted green on the flower box, but no, it was me.  It’s under glaze which only a little bit will show through when it gets glazed with white ceramic glaze.  So, I really didn’t have to be precise. If you look at the tray in the bottom left photo, this is the white glaze over red clay.  I am going for the same effect on my mom’s flower box but with just a hint of green showing through in places.  The flower box is going to take a bit of time to dry out completely, so we will have to wait and I will report back how it turns out.  One side of the box says “we love Grandma” and the other says” I love my mommy”.  That way she can always think of us….aw Isn’t that sweet?  I tell ya…

Center left is a photo of two bowls and a mug I threw last week.  This week, I trimmed and stamped them for decoration.  What is funny about the white clay bowl is that I accidentally created a hole in the bottom of the bowl trying to remove it from the bat.  I was about to scrap it when Rhea Del Rosario, my pottery instructor, told me I could salvage it and fix it the following class.  So I did.  I put a giant patch in the bottom of the bowl, stamped it to look like the inside of a sunflower and called it a day.  Watch my biggest screw up wind up being the prettiest bowl I’ve ever made!

To the right of those bowls is the Koi Fish platter I designed using the linoleum stamp I created in  Post #52.  I love it so far.  I used forest green and a mix of blue ceramic glazes on it.  Wish me luck!  I hope it turns out well.

Finally, in the bottom right there is a photo of a bunch of bowls I made that had been bisque fired and were ready to be glazed this week.  These are the bowls with the Pakistani stamps at their center.  I am making each bowl in the set a different color.  So far I picked a light green, a peacock green and a blue mixture.  I had more bowls to glaze but ran out of time.  I’m looking forward to this set. I’m trying very hard to keep them simple…which is not my specialty!

I had fun as always.  Pottery for me, has it’s highs and lows.  Some classes I feel like I have accomplished nothing and other classes I feel like I’ve kicked butt.  Life is like that.  Highs and lows.  But the journey is just so awesome. Thank you again husband for agreeing to allow me to take on such a creative endeavor!

I just passed day 75 and I’m still loving it!


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  1. Hello Mary! Still so fun to ‘watch’ you work and read your commentaries. So sorry Jim and I will not be able to attend your reception. Good luck! Enjoy!

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