#80 - When life gives you lemons (2)

I did all I can not to succumb to bad lemon puns and figures of speech, but my friend Jesse (aka. the pun-master) put it out there….He posted “when life gives you lemons”…  I say make hard lemonade?  I may have to do that this weekend when I’m done with these pretty shiny little yellow things!

Today’s painting is actually a combination of oil pastels and watercolor.  I was going for that water resist look again.

The painting is quite large, about 2×3 feet.  Poster size.  Very bold. Very graphic.  Just the way I like it.

Do you like my rag rug?  It’s from my bathroom.  I thought of using it for some color inspiration last night while sleeping.  I don’t know that I would eat off that rug, but lemons are thick-skinned right?:)

This painting is on a gray piece of cotton rag paper.  It sucked up paint like a towel.  Sort of wasteful.  Learned the hard way on that one.  Hey South County Art Supply, I’ll be in this weekend for more paint refills! :)

Here is a photo of just the oil pastels:

#80 - When Life gives you lemons

It’s a bit nerve-racking when you look at it this way…As I’m working, I always worry am I going to be able to make this look less like a cartoon drawing?  But the watercolor really allows you to create depth.  I really like this technique.

Well, I’m off…off to pick up my kids and swing over to the Narragansett Remax for a little art gathering.  I packed up the past 80 Days of my art challenge.  Going to share it with my local folk.

Wish me luck!

March 2013 Art Reception


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