Can you find the common theme here?  I may have a little bit of a junk food addiction for definitely anything hot and cheesy! (see posts #10 & 63 for other food related guilty pleasures!)

It has been a very busy day.  Off went the artists cap and on went the mommy one.  I left the house at 8:15 this morning, off to join my daughter at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum for a school field trip. It’s the largest Native American Museum in the country.  It was wonderful. The architecture of the museum is stunning. It’s a large glass building filled with sunlight.  The museum features wax statues of Native Americans going back 1000’s of years, depicts all of their accomplishments and successfully conveys how they were one with the land.  Great field trip.  I would have taken photos, but it was not allowed!

I also would have sketched some of the images I saw, but when I tried to on the school bus, it looked as if I may have encountered an earthquake!

So, minutes turned into hours….hours turned into the day…and I arrived home around 4:30 pm.

I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do for my creativity of the day…..Now 5pm…..and it hit me…




I wonder just how many Americans have pizza on Friday nights?  When I was a kid, my girlfriend’s family had pizza every Friday night.  I was so jealous and now we pretty much do too. Pizza and movie night....  almost as good as Taco nite!!!

Except now we have our very own pizza chef –  Chef Dad!


We are spoiled rotten! My husband makes each of us our own custom order pizzas.  One likes no cheese, one likes extra cheese, sometimes olives, lots of time pepperoni, tonight green peppers and onions, sometimes mushrooms or margherita….whatever we want!  My husband always makes his last. It’s always loaded with fish and hot peppers.

Good Stuff.  The perfect ending to a long week.

So I took a break, parked it on the sofa, drank a dark n’ stormy, chowed down on some amazing pizza and snuggled up with our kiddos.

Somehow now it’s 10pm? Yikes.

Luckily I finished my homage to pizza pie before I took that break…so now I just have to report on it! Here it goes…


Done.  Pizza = HAPPINESS in my world :)

Sweet dreams….until we meet again …. Cioa bello!  Arrivederci!


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