Does everyone have an Auntie Mame?

 Well I do.  She isn’t so much known for her exotic world travel, she is known more for her exotic creativity!

She has a picture framing business and event planning business.  Check her out.  Let’s just say she flies in, she flies out and you always wonder what she’s up to!  Simply one of the most creative people I know.

Now where was I?….Oh yeah.  This package arrived at my doorstep.  I opened it up and this is what I found:


If you refer back to my post “I LOVE MY GLASSES” you’d hear the story about how I bedazzled my own pair of glasses.  During my last visit, Judy saw my glasses and thought she had quite a few pairs that just needed something “special”,  hence the package in the mail.  I called her this morning and told her to send me a photo of her favorite pair of glasses so I could see what she likes.  This is the photo she sent me:


Does that sum it up for you?  She cracks me up!

So I set to it…   The instructions she left me were:


This is what I came up with:


If you can read her note, she said the round pink frames were just too darn round on her square face, so I took some polymer clay and created the cat-eye sweep for the round frames.  She’ll have to tell me whether they work or not.

At the bottom, she wrote to “Have Fun” and I did.  I even snuck a pair of mine into the mix but I forgot to photograph them because I needed them!  They wound up back on my face!

Ya know, this is an ongoing problem for us creatives or maybe just us crazies.  You go to the eyeglass store and everything is brown and black.  When I ask them if they have anything in SKY BLUE or CHARTREUSE GREEN they look at me as if my eyes are crossed…oh wait, maybe they were? :)

But seriously, I don’t live in an exotic city.  I’m out in the burbs.  There’s just not that much eccentricity.  Sometimes you just have to create it!

If you need some assistance making your frames a little funkier. Shoot me an email, I’m sure I can help!


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