#91 – SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FREIND – The Hummingbird

#91 - SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FREIND - THE Hummingbird (1)

The smallest bird in the world, as well as one of my favorites.

There is nothing like sitting on your porch on a summer’s day and hearing the sound.  It is a subtle vibration sound. Maybe like the sound of a 3inch bumble bee?  If you do not know the sound, you probably will continue on with what you were doing, but for those of us who love hummingbirds, you stay still and take in the area; a hummingbird is close.

I had a difficult time attracting hummingbirds to my yard last year.  I had these three hummingbird feeders that were glass globes.  They looked like Christmas balls filled with Koolaid.  The hummingbirds hated them.  They would hover around them, circle once or twice and then take off.  After close examination, I think they couldn’t find the tiny holes they were to drink from as well as there wasn’t a perch.  I read the hummingbirds do like to perch when drinking the “nectar”.  I was bummed, by the end of the summer, the only thing those globes fed were the ants and the bees.  Not exactly what I wanted to attract to my patio…

But, there was one thing that saved the summer.

Every year my father plants Cannas flowers.  My step mother and I usually pick on him because the tropical flower looks so weird in a New England flower bed.  After planting some in one of my planters, I take it back.  the hummingbirds loved them!  It was the only way I got to see hummingbirds last summer.

My mother was introduced to hummingbirds care of my step father David.  He steadily filled his hummingbird feeder day after day, year after year, and wound up with a pair of hummingbirds that came back to his same feeder year after year.  He named them Pepe and Jaunita.  He passed away ten years ago, yet every spring we assemble on his back deck and greet Pepe and Jaunita as they return for the summer.

I just love the sound they make.  You can feel them as they wiz by.  All of that energy in such a teeny-tiny package.

Such a fabulous bird.

#91 - SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FREIND - THE Hummingbird (2)


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